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Production Process & Quality Inspection

Production Process(video)

As a production enterprise with more than 70 advanced machines, we can produce more than 260 tons of various galvanized wires every day.

Taking galvanized wire as the source, we widely produce various wire mesh products, such as: welded wire mesh, welded wire mesh panel, barbed wire, razor barbed wire, chain link mesh, chain link fence, and so on.

Our company pays attention to the improvement of technology and the replacement of equipment. Through continuous improvement of the production management system, we has now obtained ISO9001 certification.

In addition to advanced production equipment and management systems, we attach great importance to the training of workers' production technology, and now there are more than 260 skilled production workers.

Quality Inspection(video)

Our company regards product quality as the foundation of business survival. My company now has more than 10 professional quality inspection personnel. Each batch of products undergoes at least 3 quality tests before shipment. Test items include wire diameter, zinc content, tensile strength, weight and other items.

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