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Galvanized Iron Wire
Widely used in communication equipment,medical equipment, weaved mesh,brush, tightwire,filter slice, high pressure pipe,architecture, artcraft and so on.
Category: Hot dipped galvanized iron wire and Electro galvanized iron wire.
Processing: Wire drawing, acid washing, and rust removing, annealing and coiling.
Field Fence is mainly used in construction of pastoral area and grassland. We can make enclosure, grazing in fixed places or subfields. It is convenient for designedly using grass resources, effectively improve utilization rate of grassland and pasturage efficiency; protect natural environment, etc.high quality Field Fencing for Grassland also applies to family farm of agriculture and grassland husbandry. widely used in America and Europe,galvanized iron grassland fencing is mainly to preserve the ecological environment and prevent massif from landslide. Animal husbandry fence is developing quickly because of its unique function.
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we galvanized wire manufacturers and galvanized wire suppliers,you can know it.
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