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special wire for masks

With the continuous development of the new crown virus epidemic worldwide, disposable masks and high-grade medical protective masks have become popular products.
In addition to purchasing a large number of finished masks, some customers also choose to purchase mask production lines and raw materials for their own production.
In addition to non-woven fabrics and meltblown fabrics, the production of masks also requires fixed wires.
Our company is an enterprise with more than ten years of wire production experience. After the outbreak of the new crown virus, our company quickly organized workers and production equipment to start producing special wire for masks.
We can provide wire wrapped in spools, or mask nose wire that is wrapped in plastic and flattened.
Common mask wire specifications
1.Wire diameter
The common wire diameter is 0.45mm.
Wire diameter range: 0.4-0.55mm
Wire diameter error: ±0.01mm
2.Zinc coating: 10g/㎡
3.Tensile strength: 300-400MPA
25kg/spool, 14kg/spool, 7kg/spool
We can do it as your demand

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