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special bright galvanized wire for disposable hanger

The raw materials for making hangers must be iron wire. The disposable hangers are generally made of bright galvanized wire. Today, we mainly introduce a bright galvanized wire for disposable hangers.

Special specifications for bright galvanized wire for disposable hangers: The common wire diameter of this bright galvanized wire is generally 1.8-2.5mm. So why use this wire diameter galvanized wire? This is mainly to consider these two points, one is to consider the support of the hanger. Although the hangers mainly carry lighter clothes, the thick clothes still have a certain weight. Therefore, certain support is still necessary. Second, we must consider the cost of galvanized wire. This disposable hanger is mainly used in dry cleaners and hotels. After washing the clothes, the hangers are directly attached to the customer, so it is necessary to consider the cost of the hangers, and it is not possible to use too thick galvanized wire. We all know that galvanized wire is sold in tons, so the thicker the wire diameter, the shorter the length. Therefore, 1.8-2.5mm is a common wire diameter, and 1.9mm is a commonly used specification.

electro galvanized welded wire mesh

The parameters of the bright galvanized wire for disposable hangers: The weight of the disposable galvanized wire is generally 50, 100, 500 kg. The 50 and 100 kg galvanized wire is mainly considered for manual handling. However, some customers require a 500 kg to focus on machine problems. For machines with faster production speeds, the coil weight is required to be large. Otherwise, it is necessary to load frequently, which will increase the amount of labor.

Technical parameters of bright galvanized wire for disposable hangers: This galvanized wire requires higher hardness. That is to say, the tensile strength must meet certain data. The bright galvanized wire specially produced for the production of disposable hangers by our factory has a tensile strength of over 700N, which is widely praised by customers. In addition, the bright galvanized wire of our factory has a high amount of zinc, and the amount of zinc on the cold galvanized wire can reach more than 20 grams, which is a well-deserved high-zinc wire.

Introduction to galvanized wire:

Type: Electrogalvanized wire is also called cold galvanized wire.

Process: high-quality wire pickling and rust removal three times washing dehydration five times galvanizing three times washing dehydration light water washing dehydration drying take-up packaging.

electro galvanized welded wire mesh


1. Weaving net: square eye net (plain net), welded wire mesh, hexagonal net (twisted net), ginning net, mat type net, gold steel net, guardrail net, conveyor belt net, chain link net, sound net, etc. industry;

2. Pulling: changing the wire, cleaning the ball, crafting the wire, weaving the wire, etc.;

3. Crafts: chain, plastic, wrapping paper, coated paint and various handicrafts;

4. Fruit bag silk: pear bag, grape bag, apple bag, mango bag, clam bag, peach bag, pomegranate bag, orange bag, citrus bag, lemon bag, etc.;

5. Other uses: drawing, flattening, cutting, plying, wire, communication, wire, binding, etc.

Because galvanized wire products have the characteristics of beautiful surface and good corrosion resistance, they are used more and more widely.

Features: good flexibility, high zinc content, good lightness, corrosion resistance, no dezincification

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