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product details of electro galvanized wire

product details of electro galvanized wire
Electro galvanized wire packaging: The packaging of electro galvanized wire is various. For the wire, it is generally divided into inner plastic outer packaging and inner plastic outer packaging, in addition to the shaft, carton, tray, and another packaging.
A common use of cold-galvanized wire: electro galvanized wire is widely used in weaving nets, welded nets, redrawing, binding, industrial, small crafts, etc.
Safety practices:
1.Remove all tools and stacking materials on the work site and equipment that interfere with the activity.
2.When pickling, put the iron wire slowly into the tank to prevent acid splashing on the body. When adding acid, the acid must be poured into the water slowly. It is forbidden to pour the water into the acid to prevent the acid from splashing and hurting people. Wear protective goggles when working.
3.When carrying wire and other items, you should not slam it to avoid injury.

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electro galvanized wire

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