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the inspection of galvanized iron wire

When we are accepting galvanized iron wire, we need to know the knowledge.
1.Label. Check if the label with the label is correct and take a photo to confirm it.
2.Pull strength test. Let the factory provide the corresponding inspection report.
3.Packaging. Each roll of wire is fastened with a galvanized strap, then tied with a very strong transparent plastic bag, and the outermost of the coated wire is wrapped with a white woven cloth.
4.Weight aspect. Weigh the weight of single-strand wire of different specifications and cannot be lower than the weight of the contract.
choose galvanized iron wire
It is no stranger to mention galvanized wire, because galvanized wire has a great influence on our days, and we can see it everywhere, including the use of aerospace technology, highway construction protection, wall construction, and even our daily operations. To the data line and so on have the shadow of galvanized wire, how to choose the process of galvanized iron wire!
Check the appearance of the galvanized wire of the product process: the surface of the coating of the good process galvanized wire is continuous and practical and smooth. The equipment of the plated part is not sag, dripping or slag is present, and the surface of the plated part should be free of leakage plating. Defects such as iron. The leakage plating area is a spot size of 0.5 mm or less in diameter.
Regardless of the size of the plated part, the spotted area is 0.5-1 mm in diameter, not more than 3 points per square centimeter, and the total number of spotted spots in the plated part does not exceed 10 points.
galvanized iron wire manufacturers told  At non-joined or non-joined corners, the height does not exceed 1.5 mm of sag dripping or slag; the plating parts are in contact with the hangers and the handling objects, but no iron.
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