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Application of galvanized iron wire
Galvanized wire, seemingly simple, but a wide variety. The product categories of galvanized iron wire are different and the use will be different. The same product will also have many uses. Today, we will briefly introduce the use of the wire.
The use of galvanized wire is very wide, from thin 0.13mm, 0.2mm to clean the shaft of the ball, to 5.2mm to make the wire of the barrel.
First of all, we are talking about the wire with a finer wire diameter. If it is thinner, it usually refers to the wire that is less than 1.6mm. Because 1.6mm is a dividing line, the wire that is less than 1.6mm is generally a small circle, and the winding is about 20cm. 1.6mm or more is generally a large circle, and the winding is about 45cm.
For the replacement of wire below 1.6mm, it is mainly used to produce some small products, such as: 0.7mm Christmas tree hook, 0.7-0.9mm code nail, industrial nail, 1.55mm C-type nail, etc., 0.13 and 0.2mm clean balls, and some are small crafts and the like.
1.6mm or more of the use of wire drawing, such as: 2.3-5.0mm barrel lifting beam, 1.75mm C-type nail wire, 2.8mm umbrella frame, 2..0-4.0mm welded wire mesh, pet cage, 3.2-3.8mm dust removal The skeleton, 3.2-3.4mm filter holder, etc.
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