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The galvanized wire is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire rod through drawing process, pickling and rust removal, high temperature annealing, hot galvanizing, cooling and other processes.
Product Features:galvanized wire has outstanding resistance and elasticity, and the maximum amount of zinc can reach 300 g / square meter. With galvanized layer thickness, strong corrosion resistance and other characteristics
Used: The products are widely used in construction, manual arts, silk screens, highway fences, commodity packaging and ordinary civilian use.
Specific control requirements for processing temperature of galvanized iron wire
Galvanized iron wire has a wide range of applications,and its main processing methods are figure-eight,inverted figure-eight,cross,zigzag or reverse.Since the galvanized iron wire is soft,how to weld the wire when using galvanized iron wire?The wire manufacture will explain it to you in the next step:
First.the galvanized iron wire is placed in the cage size, and the upper and lower electrodes are pressed and heated by resistance spot welding to achieve the welding effect.Due to the instantaneous high current and low voltage welding,the nugget us locally formed at the electrode contact portion.
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electro galvanized wire

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