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Folding technical requirements
A, zinc ingot: should not be lower than the No. 1 zinc specified in GB470.we are provide electro galvanized wire,you can know it.
B. Sulfuric acid: It should meet the first grade concentrated sulfuric acid specified in GB534.
C. Hydrochloric acid: It should meet the first-grade concentrated hydrochloric acid specified in GB534.
D. Chemical conversion: It should meet the primary chlorination according to GB2946.
2. Appearance
A. The surface of the coating is continuous and practical and smooth.
B. The installation and combination of the plated parts are not allowed to sag, drip or slag.
C. The surface of the plated parts shall be free of defects such as leakage plating and exposed iron, but the defects are allowed in the following cases.
a. The area of the plating plate is a spot having a diameter of 0.5 mm or less.
b. Regardless of the size of the plated part, the spotted area is 0.5-1 mm in diameter, not more than 3 points per square centimeter, and the total spot on the plated part
The number does not exceed 10 points.
c. Stagnation or slag at a height of no more than 1.5 mm at non-joined or non-joined corners.
d. Contact damage between the plated parts and the hanger and the operating tool, but no iron.
3. Zinc adhesion and zinc layer thickness
A. When the thickness of the plated part is 3-4 mm, the amount of zinc adhesion should be less than 460 g/m, that is, the average thickness of the zinc layer is not less than 65 μm.
B. When the thickness of the plated part is more than 4 mm, the amount of zinc adhered should not be less than 610 g/m, that is, the average thickness of the zinc layer is not less than 86 μm.
C. Coating uniformity: The galvanized layer is substantially uniformly etched five times without iron by using a copper sulfate solution.
D. Adhesion of the coating; the zinc layer of the plated part should be firmly bonded to the base metal and have sufficient adhesion strength, and it does not fall off after the hammering test, and does not protrude.
4. Requirements for plating parts
A. The surface of the part to be plated should be flat and there is no contamination that cannot be removed by pickling. Such as paint, grease, cement, tar and excessively bad
Harmful Substance.
B. All welds of welded components shall be sealed and air shall not be allowed.
C. Pipe fittings and container parts must have exhaust and zinc holes.
D. The workpiece should be finished with welded steel pipe without thread. If there is thread, it should be protected.
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electro galvanized wire

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