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electro galvanized welded wire mesh suppliers

Electro galvanized wire: is our featured product. It is made by means of wire drawing followed by heat treatment and electro galvanizing. It is made from carbon steel wire and mild steel wire materials. It has the features of thick zinc coating, good corrosion resistance and firm zinc coating.We are provide electro galvanized welded wire mesh,you can buy it.
Electro galvanized wire can be supplied in the form of coil wire, spool wire or further processed into straightened cut wire or U type wire.

electro galvanized welded wire mesh

Common use wires

2.2–3.0 mm, zinc: 230–260 g/m2, T/S: 340–550 N/mm2.
Hot-dip galvanized wire 0.77–4.00 mm.
2.5 mm heavily galvanized wire (without PVC, zinc coating 365 g/m2).
2.5 mm galvanized × 380–750 MPa × 700 kg coil × 260 g/m2 galvanized.
2.5 mm Zn-Al × 600–750 MPa × 130 gm/m2 Zn-Al × 25 kg coils.
Light galvanized soft wire min. zinc coating 70 g/sq.m. T. S. 400–500,diameter 1.90/2.20/2.50 mm.
Heavily galvanized soft quality wire, min. zinc coating 266 g/sq.m. T.S 400–500 N/, diameter 2.2/2.5/2.6 mm.
Extra-heavily galvanized soft wire, min. zinc coating 366 g/sq.m. T.S 500–600 N/, diameter 3.05 mm.
High carbon wires according to EN 10264-2 diameter 0.25–5.00 mm, zinc coating 20–150 g/m2.
Popular wire types are galvanised iron wire, steel wire, black iron annealed rebar tie wire, twist ties and garden tying wire. Hot mesh products include woven and welded galvanized wire mesh made with galvanised steel wire of various gauges, mainly galvanized steel square hole meshes and crimped wire screen with galvanizing or hot dipped zinc plated coating.

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