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china galvanized iron wire suppliers

Introduction to galvanized wire
Type: Electrogalvanized wire is also called cold galvanized wire.we are galvanized iron wire suppliers.
Process: high-quality wire → pickling and rust removal → three times washing → dehydration → five times galvanizing → three times washing → dehydration → light → water washing → dehydration → drying → take-up → packaging.
1.Weaving net: square eye net (plain net), welded wire mesh, hexagonal net (twisted net), crimped net, mat type net, gold steel net, guardrail net, conveyor belt net, chain link net, sound net, etc. industry;
2.Pulling: changing the wire, cleaning the ball, crafting the wire, weaving the wire, etc.;
3.Crafts: chain, plastic, wrapping paper, coated paint and various handicrafts;
4.Fruit bag silk: pear bag, grape bag, apple bag, mango bag, clam bag, peach bag, pomegranate bag, orange bag, citrus bag, lemon bag, etc.;
5.Other uses: drawing, flattening, cutting, plying, wire, communication, wire, binding, etc.
Because galvanized wire products have the characteristics of beautiful surface and good corrosion resistance, they are used more and more widely.
Features: good flexibility, high zinc content, good lightness, corrosion resistance, no dezincification.

The tenet is: Integrity is the cornerstone, quality is the guarantee, and win-win is the goal. Trust begins at the first collaboration and satisfaction occurs after the first service.

galvanized iron wire suppliers

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