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buy welded wire mesh panels concrete

Product description:
Welded wire mesh panel is as welded fence in the road, airports, other places. Welded mesh panel with heavy diameter is usually used as welded reinforcing mesh in construction and buildings. Here are the new specification and packing type for reference.
Concrete slab mesh is reinforced welded wire mesh panels. This reinforced welded wire mesh panels are made of galvanized welded wire mesh for constructional uses. For example, block slab structure reinforcing, and hollowed slabs reinforcement, building wall reinforcement and support wall reinforcement.
welded wire mesh panels concrete
Features. All purpose around home and garden.. Strong mesh wont come loose if cut in pieces or under pressure.. Anti-corrosive and anti-rust.. Strong welded and bright luster.. Vinyl coated black. 16 gauge. 12 x 1 in.. Dimension - 50 ft. x 15 x 36 in.
Specification of concrete slab mesh:
Material: hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized or stainless steel.
Slab mesh sheets: length 6 m × width 2.4 m.
Mesh size: 200 × 200 mm or 100 × 100 mm.
Width: 0.5m-3m, Length: ≤8m
External thermal insulation netting: 1*2m, 1.2*2.4m, 1.22*2.44m/4ft*8ft
floor heating netting: 1*2m, 1.22*2.44m/4ft*8ft
reinforcing mesh panel: 2*4m , 2.4*4.8m, 3*6m

Surface treatment: black wire/ galvanized wire/ re-drawing wire/ PVC coated

Package: pallet or nude packing

Application: Construction, Agriculture Transportation, Mining, Animal breeding(cage), plant etc.

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