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Which kind of galvanized iron wire is used for the gabion mesh

The gabion mesh is a commonly used woven mesh. It is made of various wire twisted and twisted. What are the raw materials of the gabion mesh?

There are many materials used in the gabion mesh, such as electro galvanized wire, hot-dip galvanized wire, hot-dip high-zinc wire, 5% zinc-aluminum wire, 10% zinc-aluminum wire, and PVC coated wire. The material of the gabion mesh is different, and the service life is also different.

hard drawn galvanized wire

The gabion mesh is generally used for slope protection of the embankment, and there are many contact waters. Therefore, it is necessary to have a wire with strong corrosion resistance to ensure a certain service life.

The gabion mesh refers to the box type mesh cage made of hexagonal mesh. In Europe, it is also called Gabion cage and stone cage. The gabion cage is filled with stones at the construction site to form a structure with flexibility, water permeability and integrity, such as anti-erosion engineering for retaining walls, river linings, rafts and other support.

hard drawn galvanized wire

The gabion net is divided into several cells by a partition of 1 m (twisted hexagonal metal mesh). In order to strengthen the strength of the gabion cage structure, all the side plates are made of steel wire with a larger diameter. .

Unlimited uses, cuts to any size, mold it to fit contours and shapes.

Easy to install access control - uses common hardware.

Effective and humane - safe to use anywhere.

Cuts to size with heavy shears or grinder cut-off wheels.

Close off structural openings to keep out refuse and thrown objects.

Convenient 4ft x 100ft and 4ft x50ft rolls.

1/2" square mesh: steel, 19 gauge wire, hot dip galvanized.

1/4" square mesh; steel, 23 gauge wire, hot dip galvanized.

hard drawn galvanized wire

By drawing the wire rod through a series of carbide dies, the steel diameter is reduced and elongated, this process increases the tensile strength.

Galvanized Wire

Galvanized wire is available with low carbon wire in gauges ranging from BWG8# to BWG26#. For more information please contact our sales department.

Black Annealed Wire

Manufactured for industrial purposes, custom-ordered wire available in various gauges and special diameters. Please contact us with your specifications.

According to the material used in the gabion mesh, it is divided into electro-galvanized stone cage net, hot-dip galvanized stone cage net, Galvan stone cage net (zinc aluminum alloy stone cage net).

There are many kinds of galvanized iron wire for the stone cage net. Generally, different materials are selected according to the customer's environment and requirements, or more information about the stone cage network is directly contacted according to the cost of the customer.

hard drawn galvanized wire

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