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What is the effect of bath temperature on galvanized iron wire?

What is the effect of bath temperature on galvanized iron wire?
The galvanized wire is processed by using low carbon steel wire rod and processed by drawing, pickling, rusting, high temperature annealing and cooling. Galvanized wire is widely used. What is the effect of bath temperature on galvanized wire?
The temperature of the galvanized wire should be controlled at 30-50 °C. Since the chloride ion in the plating solution is highly corrosive, a quartz glass heater is generally used.
Continuous heating does not require heating, but cooling is required. Cooling can be arranged in the thin-walled plastic pipe at the side of the tank, and it can be cooled by flowing tap water. Titanium pipe can also be used as a temperature control device.
The galvanized wire is stirred in the composite plating process to obtain a composite coating in which the particles are dispersed in the matrix metal. The stirring method includes mechanical stirring, air stirring, ultrasonic stirring, plating liquid circulation, and the like.we provide galvanized iron wire and electro galvanized wire,you can know it.
The acid activation solution in the production process can remove the rust products and oxide film on the surface of the low carbon steel wire without excessive corrosion of the substrate. The galvanized wire may be treated with zincate galvanizing or chloride galvanizing, and suitable additives should be used to obtain the coating required for the low carbon steel wire standard. When the galvanized wire is light-plated, it should be light-treated. The temperature of the plating solution of the galvanized wire should be controlled.
What is the standard for galvanized wire hardness?
When using galvanized wire, the first thing to consider is hardness. Only when the hardness meets the required standard can it be used. So, what is the standard for galvanized wire hardness?
The galvanized wire hardness standard is a relatively important performance indicator. However, for the hardness of the metal material, the material is resistant to plastic deformation, scratches, abrasion or cutting.
In the commissioning of the galvanized wire immersion zinc distance, the original vehicle speed is kept constant, and the zinc immersion distance is estimated according to the time of immersion zinc and the diameter of the steel wire.
By adjusting the zinc immersion distance, the zinc immersion time of various specifications of steel wire is shortened by an average of 5 s before the commissioning, so that the zinc consumption is reduced, and the zinc consumption per ton of steel wire is reduced from the original 61 kg to 59.4 kg.
The galvanized wire is immersed in a heated molten zinc solution. The production speed is fast and the plating layer is thick but uneven. The minimum thickness allowed in the market is 45 micrometers and can reach more than 300 micrometers.
The color is darker, consumes more zinc metal, forms an infiltration layer with the base metal, and has good corrosion resistance. The hot-dip galvanizing in the outdoor environment can be maintained for several decades. It is necessary to make galvanized wire to meet the standard.we provide galvanized iron wire and electro galvanized wire,you can know it.

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