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What are the functions of each section of the galvanizing line?

With the development and progress of the times, the use of galvanizing lines has become more and more extensive, but there are still many friends who do not know what the functions of each section of the galvanizing line are.we are china redrawing galvanized wire.
Cleaning section: removal of cold rolled lubricating oil and iron powder on the strip surface. Cleaning before the inlet loops facilitates stable tracking of the strip within the inlet loop while avoiding dents and scratches.
Inlet loop section: Provides an effective length of vertical looper when the entrance is stopped for welding, enabling the production line to be continuously produced.
Furnace section: vertical continuous annealing furnace to achieve the specified annealing cycle.
Galvanized section: The strip is immersed in a molten zinc pot for galvanizing.
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