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What are the characteristics of environmentally friendly electroplated zinc wire?

When it comes to galvanized wire, people will think of electroplated zinc wire and hot-dip galvanized wire. Electro-galvanized wire is commonly known as cold-galvanized wire. In today's air pollution environment, the corrosion resistance of electro-galvanized steel is also relatively poor, especially In recent years, acid rain and severe air pollution have increased the degree of corrosion of the wire.we provide galvanized iron wire and electro galvanized wire,you can know it. In order to solve this problem, people have been studying and finally an environmentally friendly plating technology has been listed.
What is environmentally friendly plating technology?
The environmentally friendly electroplating technology is non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, etc. In short, as long as ordinary metal parts are immersed in this solution for more than 20 minutes, a white bright mirror-like alloy layer can be formed on the surface. The alloy liquid is made up of several domestically-produced chemical raw materials, which is convenient for purchasing, and its characteristics are more prominent.
The soaked product has the following characteristics:
1.It has high hardness and high wear resistance. It has the same hardness as chrome plating and excellent performance in the case of drying and lubrication. It is quite similar to stainless steel.
2.It has excellent corrosion resistance, no obvious change in alkali, ammonia and seawater.
3.No excessive tip current density. There is no excessive thickening at the sharp corners or edge projections, that is, the composition of the alloy layer with a good "profile" is uniform. No grinding is required after plating.
4.It is convenient and quick to use, so that various metals can be directly immersed in the solution for more than 20 minutes to form a bright mirror-like surface, which magically turns iron into "stainless steel".
5.The surface alloy layer is uniform and dense, no blind zone, the coating is smooth, and the surface of the blind hole, pipe fittings, deep hole, inner wall of the pipe, corner of the product can be firmly coated.
6.It can not be immersed, not peeled off, no pitting, no pores, which not only maintains the original mechanical properties of the metal base, but also increases the wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
7.No permeability limitation, no perforation, and the shape of the complex shape and the surface of the tool can be immersed.
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