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The new workshop was completed and put into production

Recently, the second wire drawing workshop newly built by our company was completed and put into production. In recent years, our company's sales have been rising.

The sales volume of our company's featured products redrawing galvanized wire is showing a rapid growth. In order to meet the growing demand of the market, our company decided to build a new production workshop this year and add more than 10 production equipment. The daily output has increased from the original 80 tons to about 120 tons. The main wire diameter of the produced wire is from 1.2mm to 2.0mm. Products are widely used in the production of welded wire mesh, staples, chain link fence and other products.

In this plan to expand production capacity, we have added upgraded equipment. The redrawing galvanized wire produced by the new equipment has better surface gloss, more uniform zinc coating and better tensile strength. As a special product of our company, redrawing galvanized wire is widely used in the production of disposable hangers, bucket handle, staples, various wire mesh products welded and woven.

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