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The most important performance of the bucket handle

Bucket handles are mainly used in lubricating oil drums, antifreeze, barrel ink drums, open barrels, paint buckets, paint buckets, and hand buckets. The hose is injection molded from pure PE material. The steel wire adopts high-brightness bright wire, high brightness, good toughness, no breakage, beautiful appearance and so on.Our company can provide electro galvanized wirehot dipped galvanized wirebucket handle you can understand.

bucket handle

Unlike traditional galvanized wire, our bucket handle are made from our own high quality redrawing galvanized wire. Compared to ordinary galvanized wire, our bucket handle surface is smoother and more beautiful.The bucket handle must be able to bear a certain weight, so its raw materials must have a high tensile strength. The tensile strength of the redrawing galvanized wire we produced can reach 700N/mm2, which is much higher than the tensile strength of ordinary galvanized wire.
Due to the influence of the use environment, the bucket handle will often come into contact with water, chemical raw materials, and other liquids. This can cause the bucket handle to rust easily. The bucket handle we produce can have a zinc content of 60g/m2 and have good corrosion resistance.
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