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The difference between galvanized iron wire and ordinary wire

The difference between galvanized iron wire and ordinary wire
Hardware products refer to various metal parts made of five kinds of metal products, such as gold, silver, copper, iron and aluminum. Hardware products are widely used in the market, especially some common piecemeal hardware products. Although they are not the final major consumer goods, they have an irreplaceable superior role in the overall consumer products. There is a certain relationship between hardware and galvanized wire products, and there is a big difference.
Galvanized wire products are made of high-quality low-carbon steel, which are processed by drawing, pickling, rusting, high-temperature annealing, hot-dip galvanizing, cooling, etc. Some galvanized wire products are made of wire galvanized. Into. Galvanized wire is further divided into hot-dip galvanized wire and cold-galvanized wire (galvanized wire). Hot-dip galvanizing has better protection than electro-galvanized, so it is an important protective coating for steel parts used in harsh working environments.
The traditional hardware industry mainly focuses on mechanical hardware, construction hardware, decorative hardware, and daily hardware. With the development of the Internet, the network sales of hardware components are also very hot. The galvanized wire products are now widely promoted in the Internet + network model, and the competition is fierce. If enterprises want to have an advantage in such fierce competition, they need to continuously innovate and upgrade the overall production and sales system of the company.
The galvanizing process of galvanized wire products is a very effective metal anti-corrosion method, and it is widely used in other industrial fields. The use of galvanized iron wire in metal structure equipment of various industries is very common. Due to the influence of production process or other factors, the zinc layer of galvanized wire products will be prevented from being different to some extent. Especially, ordinary galvanizing can not achieve the aesthetics of electroplating. The zinc layer of ordinary galvanized wire is mainly for Anti-corrosion and corrosion protection.
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