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Precautions for using galvanized iron wire

Precautions for using galvanized iron wire
1,the use of galvanized wire pulling reinforcement methods mainly include: eight-shaped, inverted eight-shaped, cross, and glyphs or reverse and glyphs. Various pulling methods may be used alone or in combination of two or more. Pulling should be carried out as symmetrical as possible.
2.When pulling and reinforcing, single or double-strand galvanized iron wire is wound back and forth between the two bolt points of the cargo and the vehicle, and the galvanized wire should be tightened so that the tightness of each strand is as uniform as possible, and the remaining part is interspersed and wrapped around the rope. After that, use a skein to tighten and the remaining tails toward the inside of the car.
3.The position of the pull on the goods should be reasonably selected. When it is used to prevent the horizontal movement of the goods, the pulling position should be as low as possible; when it is used to prevent the goods from tipping over, the pulling position can be appropriately selected.
1.The diameter of the galvanized wire for pulling shall not be less than 4mm, and the diameter of the galvanized wire for binding shall not be less than 2.6mm.
2,galvanized wire should not be used as a waistband under pressure reinforcement, generally not used as a whole bundle.
3.Do not damage the galvanized wire when tightening.
4.It is forbidden to use the operation method of one-time winding of two or more galvanized wires.

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