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Outreach activities

Our company pays attention to efficiency and pays more attention to the personal development and physical health of employees. The company encourages employees to exercise and often organize sports events to get everyone involved in fitness activities. At the end of the summer, we successfully held the first company sports meeting.

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At the beginning of autumn, we organized employees to participate in a 20-kilometer walk.Our company can provide electro galvanized wirehot dipped galvanized wirebucket handle you can understand.

At the fun games, we held tug-of-war competitions, skipping competitions, relay races, badminton competitions, etc. Every employee of the company is involved and enjoys the game. Colleagues have said that you may not achieve good results, but enjoying the game is the most important.
At the sports meeting, everyone is very happy. After fierce competition of more than ten projects, we decided the top three of the group and individual. The company’s leaders presented the award-winning staff with exquisite gifts. After the competition, everyone took a group photo and looked forward to the next sports meeting.
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