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How to use electro galvanized wire and precautions

(1) the way to use:
1 the tactic of victimization galvanized wire actuation reinforcement is mainly: eight-shaped, inverted eight-shaped, cross, zigzag or reverse and glyptography. varied actuation ways could also be used alone or together of 2 or additional. actuation ought to be symmetrical.we are provide electro galvanized wire and hot dipped galvanized wire,you can know it.
2 once actuation and strengthening, single or double-stranded zinc-iron wire is wound back and forth between the 2 nodes of the load and also the vehicle, and also the zinc-iron wire ought to be tightened to form the tightness of every strand as uniform as doable, and also the remaining half is interspersed and wrapped round the rope. Use a hank to tighten and also the remaining tails toward the within of the automobile.
3 ought to moderately select the position of the pull on the products. once it's wont to forestall the horizontal movement of the products, the actuation position ought to be as low as possible; once it's wont to forestall the products from tipping over, the actuation position is fittingly higher.
(2) Note:
The diameter of the metallic element wire used for actuation one shall not be but four millimetre, and also the diameter of the metallic element wire for binding shall not be but two.6 mm.
two metallic element wire shouldn't be used as a cincture underneath compression reinforcement, typically not used as a full bundle.
three don't injury the metallic element wire once alteration.
four it's out to use the operation methodology of one-time winding of 2 or additional metallic element wires.
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electro galvanized wire and hot dipped galvanized wire

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