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How to store galvanized iron wire to resist corrosion

How to store galvanized iron wire to resist corrosion
The use of galvanized iron wire is very extensive, and the properties of galvanized wire are also very many, but galvanized wire also has a headache for us, that is, how to store galvanized wire to see corrosion resistance. Generally, galvanized wire is prone to oxidative rust due to heavy rain and humid weather.
Therefore, we should better store and use galvanized galvanized iron wire to avoid rust as much as possible. Assuming that the galvanized iron wire is too thick (of course, the thicker it is, the more difficult it is to rust), it will not meet the SGS environmental standard; however, the galvanized wire zinc layer is too thin, and it is simply oxidized by water molecules to form rust.
The external environment has a certain influence on the preservation of galvanized wire. In the dry season, you need to pay attention to the air humidity in the workshop and warehouse. It is recommended to use a moisture detector to measure the paper value between 8-10. Generally, the book paper has a larger moisture absorption than the powder paper, and the pH value is also higher, so you need to pay attention to the binding book. The internal galvanized wire is rusty.
Generally speaking, in the normal environment, the galvanized wire (except the oxidation chamber) is stored, and the galvanized wire is not corroded for two years, but care must be taken during the handling of the galvanized wire. Avoiding the winding of the coil to form a cable does not affect the production. Regarding the storage environment of galvanized wire and paper, it is recommended to properly control the humidity to 50% or less and the temperature to be controlled between 10 °C and 30 °C.
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