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How to improve the quality of galvanized iron wire

The disadvantage of hot-dip galvanizing of chilled iron wire in galvanized iron wire equipment is that the mechanical properties of the wire are poor, that is, the strength is reduced and the toughness is sharply reduced. Therefore, the quality of the galvanized iron wire produced is inferior to that of the light wire. How to improve the quality of galvanized iron wire?we are provide galvanized iron wire mesh,you can know it.We can guarantee the quality of galvanized iron wire mesh.
When the galvanized iron wire is drawn by using a zinc wire which has been previously plated with zinc, there is no mechanical deterioration. The toughness of this wire is 15 to 25 percent higher than that of galvanizing, and in some cases even slightly exceeds the toughness of the wire.
The iron wire which is first plated and then pulled out has a higher strength limit than that which is firstly drawn and then plated. The iron wire which is plated and then drawn is not only tough but also has high strength. There is a relatively low number in the strength limit of the galvanized iron wire drawn, which is due to the zinc, because the strength of the zinc technology is several times smaller than the wire itself.
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