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How to distinguish the quality of galvanized wire

As a result of, galvanizing silk is used in our life more and more now, bring very big market to galvanizing silk product, the sort of galvanizing silk product is increasing also. However, how should we distinguish the quality of galvanized wire in the process of using galvanized wire? The following content shows you how to distinguish the quality of galvanized wire Good quality galvanized wire surface coating is continuous and smooth, plating parts installed when combined can not have the existence of flow hang, slag or droplet, the surface is not exposed to iron and other defects. Good quality galvanized wire, coating must be uniform, probably uniform in copper sulfate solution soaked in five times without iron exposure. In addition, the hammer test is not convex, not off. This is what a good galvanized wire should have.Our company can provide electro galvanized wirehot dipped galvanized wirebucket handle you can understand.

Electro Galvanized Wire

1, the use of galvanized wire pull reinforcement methods are mainly: eight glyphs, eight back, cross, and back and glyph. Various pulling methods can be used alone or in combination of two or more. The pulling should be done as symmetrically as possible.
2, pull reinforcement, will be a single or double strands of galvanized wire in the goods and vehicles between the two bolt point to and from winding, and should be tight galvanized wire so that the tightness of each unit as far as possible consistent, the rest of the interpenetration and winding in their own rope rod, use the skein stick to twist, the rest of the tail to the car.
3. The pulling position on the goods shall be reasonably selected. To prevent horizontal movement of goods, the pull position should be as low as possible; Used to prevent cargo capsizing, the pull position can be appropriately selected higher.
How to improve the tensile strength of galvanized wire
How to improve the tensile strength of galvanized wire, my company is a professional hot and cold galvanized wire drawing manufacturers, high zinc on the product, up to 40 grams of above, zinc layer thickness, bright surface without scratches, suitable for the production of cage, bucket girder.
Galvanized iron wire surface bright manufacturers, galvanized wire galvanized uniform, one is now its cross section, 18 liters of paint bucket handle wire, the second is longitudinal uniformity. In the actual operation process, bucket handle wire, such as wire shake, surface scum in the plating pot and other reasons will cause galvanized wire surface galvanized layer accumulation, should try to solve the problem.
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