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How to distinguish the quality of galvanized iron wire

How to distinguish the quality of galvanized iron wire
As galvanized wire is now used more and more in our lives, it has brought a large market to galvanized wire products, and there are more and more types of galvanized wire products. However, how should we distinguish the quality of galvanized wire in the process of using galvanized wire?
The following content explains how to distinguish the quality of galvanized wire
The surface of the galvanized wire with good quality is continuous and smooth. When the plated parts are assembled and assembled, there should be no sag, slag or dripping, and there are no defects such as iron on the surface. Good quality galvanized wire, the coating must be uniform, and evenly soaked in copper sulfate solution five times without iron.
Also, the hammering test does not bulge and does not fall off. This is the characteristic that a good galvanized wire should have.

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galvanized iron wire and electro galvanized wire

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