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How long will galvanized wire rust and how to remove rust after rusting?

The rusting time and quality of the galvanized wire have a great relationship with the post-treatment and are also highly correlated with the use environment. Sufficient thickness and high corrosion resistance after treatment, indoor storage for ten years will not rust. Therefore, in addition to the production process, how to store after purchase is also a crucial step in rust prevention.we are provide electro galvanized wire,you can know it.
After purchasing galvanized wire, it should be stored in a good environment with good dry and ventilated conditions, no corrosive gas, no mixed paint and plastics that produce organic volatile gases. If available, add a reliable inner package to the galvanized parts and release the desiccant.
If the galvanized wire is rusted due to improper storage, how to remove rust?
If the zinc layer is white spots and long hair, it can only be removed by mechanical means, and then normally passivated, or the zinc layer is completely washed away and then re-plated.
Is there a pickling process for galvanized wire?
Many people are familiar with galvanized wire, and have a certain understanding of galvanized wire. Zinc plating can be divided into electroplated wire, hot-plated wire and high-zinc wire. The thicker the coating, the better the quality of galvanized wire. Common sense. But sometimes we don't know about the galvanized wire market. For example, are the popular galvanized wires on the market pickled? Does galvanizing have to go through the process of pickling? When we mention these issues, we don't know much about them.
In fact, strictly speaking, galvanized wire must be subjected to pickling process. Such galvanized wire is not easy to rust and has a long service life, but many merchants are under pressure from competition, thus eliminating this link and gradually getting acid on the market. There are fewer and fewer galvanized wires to wash. Unless there are special requests from customers, few companies now carry out the pickling process.

Now that the Internet is developing so fast, people are deepening their understanding of galvanized wire step by step. From the beginning, they have a smattering of galvanized wire, and now they go to a special inspection mechanism to detect the thickness of the layer. If the application environment using galvanized wire is very demanding for galvanizing, it is hoped that the majority of buyers will also pay attention to the process of galvanizing wire pickling.

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