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Hot-dip galvanizing wire application methods and precautions

(1)Application method: 1 should reasonably select the orientation of the pull on the goods. When it is used to avoid horizontal movement of the goods, the pulling direction should be as low as possible; when it is used to avoid the product being overturned, the pulling direction can be appropriately higher.we provide galvanized iron wire and electro galvanized wire,you can know it.
2The method of using galvanized iron wire [1] to pull the reinforcement mainly includes: eight-shaped shape, inverted eight-shaped shape, cross, zigzag or reverse shape. Various pulling methods can be used alone or in combination of two or more. Pulling should be symmetrical.
3When pulling and strengthening, single or double-strand galvanized iron wire is reciprocated around the two knots of the goods and the vehicle, and the galvanized iron wire should be tightened so that the tightness of each strand is as common as possible, and some crossover surrounds the rope. Use a skein to tighten and the remaining tails toward the inside of the car.
1Do not damage the galvanized iron wire when tightened.
2to stop the use of two or more galvanized iron wire one-time surround operation.
The diameter of the galvanized iron wire for pulling 3 shall not be less than 4 mm, and the diameter of the galvanized iron wire for binding shall not be less than 2.6 mm.
4galvanized iron wire shall not be used as a waist-reduction type reinforcement, and is usually not used as an integral bond. The galvanized wire in the warehouse is mainly used to block and distinguish the regional functions. The galvanized wire in the warehouse is one of the primary ways to use the galvanized wire. The main layout features of the galvanized wire in the warehouse are as follows: layout: column + frame, column to select square steel pipe For many,the galvanized wire frame is also made of small square tube. The column and the frame are welded to the joint ear (flat iron), the column and the frame are fixed by bolts on the coupling ear, and the bottom of the column is welded. The bottom plate of the column is fixed to the ground through an expansion bolt.
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