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Hot and cold galvanized steel wire difference

Galvanized wire can be divided into hot-dip galvanized wire and cold-galvanized wire, the difference between the two is the way of zinc and the amount of zinc. Hot-dip galvanizing Hot-dip galvanizing is to soak the steel wire in the molten zinc solution. The zinc plating on the hot-dip galvanizing is fast. The rust-proof performance of the zinc layer is very good, but the zinc is uneven and the surface is dark. The life of hot-dip galvanizing can reach 20 in the same city. year.We Are Galvanized Iron Wire Suppliers.
Cold galvanizing introduction
Cold galvanizing, also called electro-galvanizing, is to place the steel wire in the plating tank, and the metal surface is slowly galvanized by unidirectional current. The zinc plating on the electroplating zinc is relatively slow, and the thickness is only one tenth of that of hot-dip galvanizing. The layer is thin, so the rust-proof performance is not so good. It usually rusts when placed outdoors, and it is generally applied in the outdoor.
Introduction to wire drawing
The change is to reheat the hot-dip galvanized wire or the cold-galvanized wire. After the surface is changed, the surface is smooth and shiny, and the tensile strength is strong, so that it is not easy to break. Now it is usually used for the wire mesh industry to change. To improve the quality, the drying rack, communication, high-voltage lines will be replaced to prevent breakage.
1. Hot-dip galvanized wire:
Material: high quality low carbon steel wire.
Manufacture and characteristics: The basic wire of this product is immersed in zinc solution and processed by drawing and hot-dip galvanizing. The product has thick coating, high corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, anti-aging, strong coating and long service life.
Uses: used in construction, handicrafts, wire mesh weaving, nets, barriers, product packaging and other fields.
2. Electroplated zinc wire:
Material: high quality low carbon steel wire.
Manufacture and characteristics: metal composite materials made by immersing the basic wire in an electric solution containing zinc ions and processing by wire drawing and electroplating. The product has a bright surface, the zinc layer is not easy to fall off, and the anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion ability is increased.
Uses: Used in the construction, weaving screen, industrial, agricultural bundles.

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