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Galvanized wire for code nailing

Code nails, generally made of galvanized iron wire, similar to staples, according to the wire diameter classification model generally with F, J, K, N, P prefix table, is a kind of pneumatic gun nail, mainly used for Engineering, home decoration, furniture manufacturing, packaging, leather, shoemaking and other industries.Our company is galvanized iron wire suppliers.

galvanized iron wire suppliers

The galvanized iron wire used for the code nail has high requirements on the strength of the wire. The tensile strength of the wire is generally not lower than 800N, and the wire diameter of the galvanized wire is generally from 0.55 to 1.0 mm. The use of the code nail is very extensive.
A row of code nails often has a problem when used. Since the two nail arms are long and the pressure receiving surface is located on the bridge cap, once the hardness of the object being attacked is increased, the relative positions of the two nail arms are made. The stress is correspondingly increased, and the phenomenon of bending is prone to occur. The principle is similar to that of the stapler nail. Once the position of the staple nail is bent, it will cause unnecessary damage to the wall or leather surface, and waste code. Nail material and manpower. And its waterproof and anti-rust ability also needs to be improved.
Due to the special nature of the material, the nail has good wear resistance when used, and can be used well. Moreover, when it is used, it has a good impact resistance because of its good resilience, so it is used for a long time when it is used. And the code nail is more adaptable.
This type of galvanized iron wire is used for some nails. Some customers or some foreign customers will require packaging with spools. The typical weight is 25 kg or 50 kg.
We use this kind of galvanized iron wire for the nailing. We have rich production experience and welcome customers to consult.
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