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Galvanized line safety operation procedures

All employees of the company, as well as company construction personnel, internships, and personnel of the company, must enter into the production or construction site and work on the job:we are china redrawing galvanized wire.
First, enter the scene "two must"
1. The production site must wear two pairs of wear: wear overalls, wear work shoes, wear safety helmets, and women workers must be put into the cap.
2. Seat belts must be worn at heights of two meters or more.we are china redrawing galvanized wire.
Second, the scene is "five inaccurate"
1. It is not allowed to step on the steel belt, track and electromechanical equipment.
2. Do not drill over the safety railings and steel strips on site.
3, is not allowed to walk or stay on the platform car track, travel through the safe passage must be one station two to see three pass.
4. Do not walk or stay under the lifting object.
5. No children or idlers are allowed to go to the scene.
Third, the job is "five inaccurate"
1. Without the approval of the leader, it is not allowed to leave the post, leave the post, or run the post.
2. It is forbidden to drink alcohol in the pre-class class. It is strictly forbidden to smoke, eat, snoring, sleeping, idle, gambling and doing work at the scene.
3. It is not allowed to touch or turn on electrical equipment, instruments, meters and various valves.
4. It is not allowed to clean and transfer tool supplies in electromechanical operation.
5, is not allowed to bring a fire into the flammable and explosive areas to smoke.
The basic knowledge of galvanizing line, you will regret it without watching!
In the galvanizing line production process, what is the main physical quantity studied, mainly: temperature, speed and force. Once these parameters are determined, we can determine the layout of the unit.
So how do the main equipment parameters be determined? Based on the above products and processes, they determine your equipment parameters.
The function of each section of the galvanizing line
Cleaning section: removal of cold rolled lubricating oil and iron powder on the strip surface. Cleaning before the inlet loops facilitates stable tracking of the strip within the inlet loop while avoiding dents and scratches.

Inlet loop section: Provides an effective length of vertical looper when the entrance is stopped for welding, enabling the production line to be continuously produced.

china redrawing galvanized wire

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