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Galvanized iron wire must be pickled?

Galvanized iron wire must be pickled?
Many people are familiar with galvanized wire, and have a certain understanding of galvanized wire. Zinc plating can be divided into electroplated wire, hot-plated wire and high-zinc wire. The thicker the coating, the better the quality of galvanized wire. Common sense.
But sometimes we don't know about the galvanized wire market. For example, are the popular galvanized wires on the market pickled? Does galvanizing have to go through the process of pickling? When we mention these issues, we don't know much about them.
In fact, strictly speaking, Galvanized iron wire must be subjected to pickling process. Such galvanized wire is not easy to rust and has a long service life, but many merchants are under pressure from competition, thus eliminating this link and gradually getting acid on the market. There are fewer and fewer galvanized wires to wash.
Unless there are special requests from customers, few companies now carry out the pickling process.
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