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Electrogalvanized wire

Cold galvanized wire processing technology:
The galvanized wire is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire rod (Q195, Q235) and processed by drawing, pickling, rusting, high temperature annealing, galvanizing and cooling. we are provide electro galvanized wire,you can know it.Galvanized wire is further divided into hot-dip galvanized wire and cold-galvanized wire (galvanized wire).
The galvanized iron wire has good toughness and elasticity, and the amount of zinc on the surface is 25-35 g/m2. It has the characteristics of thick galvanized layer, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and rust resistance.
Each roll weighs about 100 kg-600 kg, and has internal plastic outer and inner plastic outer linen. Of course, it can be customized according to your requirements.
Products are widely used in environmental protection, construction, handicrafts, wire mesh, highway fences, product packaging and daily civilian use.

Mainly used in the production of hangers, bucket handles, nails, construction, medical, communications, weaving, brushing, high-pressure pipes, binding lines, handicrafts and so on.

electro galvanized wire

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