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Classification of galvanized iron wire

Classification of galvanized iron wire
Following the development of the mining industry, China's pig iron classification has been extensive and can satisfy the needs of the machinery industry. Intention to the effect, in general, the iron produced by galvanized iron wire can be divided into two categories. It is a metal that is directly trained from the iron and iron in the iron. The primary ingredients of the mine are iron oxide, silica and other miscellaneous stones.we provide galvanized iron wire and electro galvanized wire,you can know it.
When this kind of ore is specially made into metal iron, carbon, silicon, manganese, and other elements are incorporated, so that the refined materials are called general-purpose pig iron, and are also materials for the initial stage. According to the different requirements of the industry, the different weights of alloy ingots, such as weaving, Ming, paper, lang, silicon, etc., are adjusted according to the standard in the furnace. The material of this refining is called alloy iron. .
Iron has gray iron, white iron and the above-mentioned alloy ore, each of which has different characteristics, so they are based on their respective characteristics to be explored and selected in the industry. For example, in gray iron, the carbon is present in the iron ore in the form of graphite. The crack is often gray, soft and strong, and simple for filtration. It is suitable for castings. In white iron, the carbon and iron are combined to form iron carbide, the crack appears white, the material is extremely strong and brittle, and it is a material of forgeable steel.
The alloy grade consists of various alloying elements and its composition and structure are also different. Because the alloying elements can make the copper warp material thick in strength, hardness, impact force, anti-strength, closing rate and elongation in the iron, the alloy iron is the primary auxiliary element when it is used for high-quality iron.we provide galvanized iron wire and electro galvanized wire,you can know it.

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galvanized iron wire and electro galvanized wire

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